28.7.2013 “Gratitude And Joy”

Thoth works on the title sequence for the Tribal Baroque videos. He wakes LA. “I don’t want to get up,” she cries. “I didn’t sleep well,” she says. “Nor did I,” Thoth rejoins. “The Afrobats follow us even into our dreams.” LA gets up and gets ready while Thoth continues working. He makes smoothies and gets dressed. He and LA head to Central Park. Michael C. calls just as they enter the subway. At the park, Kishan greets them near the stairs down to the Angel Tunnel. “Parks enforcement came and broke up the Afrobats crowd,” he says. “They used a loudspeaker and told the audience to move along. Then told the Afrobats they have to play near the bandshell.” LA and Thoth go into the tunnel and wait for the Boyd Choir to finish. Rain. The Boyd Choir finishes and the Dynamic Duo starts setting up. A large crowd gathers around them, watching. “Let’s start,” LA says. “We’re ready.” Thoth agrees and the Dynamic Duo begin a half hour early. Many have left by the time “Anya” is finished. “The only way people will leave the tunnel when it’s raining is when we play,” LA says. “Otherwise they just stand around wondering what we do.” They prayform all afternoon in peace and quiet. The audiences are receptive and giving. “I accept this quiet afternoon with gratitude and joy,” Thoth says after the “Scottish Song.” They pack up and make a video. “Everyday we prayform in fear,” Thoth continues. “Fearful that our torturers, our petty tyrants, our oppressors could come at any moment and assault us with amplified noise. Today we are grateful that we were not attacked.” He and LA go to Kodama for their week’s celebratory dinner. LA has the sushi deluxe, Thoth has udon. At home, LA watches “The Crucible” and Thoth watches tennis. Michael C. calls again. LA talks to him for a while, then he talks to Thoth. LA finishes her movie. Thoth works briefly on the title sequence. Bibi says: “Unkie fell. He’s crying.“