29.1.2013 “A Suspicious Man”

Thoth makes coffee and works on the new story. Jim gets up and asks: “Should we go?” “I’d like LA to come with us,” Thoth says. Jim goes to the office to make sure everything is alright.  At 10, Thoth pets LA awake. “No! No!” she moans and turns over. She sleeps for another half hour then slowly gets up. “We’ve been waiting for you,” Thoth says. “I don’t want to go,” LA says. “I’ll just get car sick.” Jim drives Thoth through Little Italy then to the Greek Theater on Point Loma. Thoth sings in the center of the medallion. “Resonance is pretty good!“ Thoth says. LA walks to Vons for a bagel and takes a pill for motion sickness in case they go to Julian later. Jim drives Thoth to Old Town then Presidio Park. LA dresses and makes smoothies. Jim and Thoth return, but LA is falling asleep from the travel sickness pill. She passes out on the bed and eventually puts on the covers. ”I don’t want to go,” she mumbles. Jim goes to work and Thoth cleans the kitchen and all the dishes. “I’m going to Vons,” Thoth tells LA. He bikes down to the camera store for a tripod, then back to Vons. He wanders around the store collecting ingredients to make orange salmon pasta. As the checker scans the items, he reaches in his pocket for the purse and realizes it is missing. He frantically retraces his steps, circling the grocery store over and over, biking back to the camera store then back to Vons. He is unable to find the purse. He asks the manager if anyone turned in a wallet. No one has. The checkers are consulting about a suspicious man who has been lurking around the grocery store. Thoth wonders if the man could have taken the purse and goes looking for him. He doesn’t find him. “No proof,” Thoth says and bikes home. “I was worried about you,” LA says. “I did something horrible,” he says falling into LA’s arms, crying. “What’s wrong? What happened?” LA asks concerned. “All the money is gone,” Thoth says through tears. “Oh no. How much?” LA says. They sit down and cry together. “I’m not sure,” Thoth says. “We worked so hard for that money,” LA cries. Thoth deduces that the purse had a little over $500. LA collapses on the floor and cries. “I don’t want to be seen like this.” She wipes her tears and she and Thoth bike to Vons. “Riding makes me feel better,” LA says. “The wind feels good.” She and Thoth pick up the ingredients again. They bike home. Thoth sits on the couch with his head in his hands. “I want you to be with me,” he calls to LA. They snuggle in bed with the babes until Jim is finished cooking dinner for his kids. Thoth begins cooking, and he and LA snack on chips. Eat dinner, LA cleans up. Tod comes in and invites them to come next door for a surprise. “Wait 30 seconds,” Tod says. They walk over to his house and are surprised by a vaporous blue tunnel in the garage. “It’s a laser and a fog machine,” Tod explains. LA, Thoth and Jim walk into it. “Amazing!” LA says. “This cheers me up,” Thoth says. “I wonder how we could use that in our performance.” They all go back to the house. Thoth lies down, and LA eats dessert. Bibi says: “Time for fanciful dreams, dreams that transport us, that soothe us, that buoy us away from hell.”“