29.11.2012 “Shyly Approaches The Table”

Thoth walks to Bean for coffee and downloads more WordPress tutorials and plugins. LA wakes at 9:45. “We’re resting today,” she proclaims. They get dressed and go to breakfast downstairs at the Odessa café. A woman shyly approaches their table. “Are you Tribal Baroque?“ she asks. “Your music is so beautiful. You’re so beautiful.” LA has a bagel and Thoth gets a spinach omelet. After eating, they walk to the bank to change several stacks of one dollar bills. Thoth walks home, and LA goes into K-Mart to look around then walks to the Halloween store. She returns home along 8th Street. Thoth continues working on WordPress tutorials, writes a couple of essays, and organizes his passwords. At home, LA watches a movie on her computer. She goes back out for a walk to Union Square. Stops in a Japanese store and buys hair clips and tiny, battery powered lights. She returns home and tries everything on for Thoth. “How do you feel about waiting until 10 to have half priced sushi?” LA asks. Thoth agrees and continues studying until 10. LA takes a shower. She and Thoth go downstairs and have sushi at Sushi Lounge. “Amazing to have a sushi place right outside your front door,” Thoth says while sitting down. LA has the deluxe special sushi and Thoth has Nebeyaki Udon and an order of uni. Back home, they try to work a bit more. Bibi says: “Is it a dead mouse? That horrid smell.”