29.12.2012 “Old Writings”

Thoth works on the computer all morning. Jamie picks LA up and they drive to the Whole Foods in Oakland. They walk around the store for a while then buy kombucha and a smoothie. They drive to Lake Merritt, park the car, and take a walk around the lake. They check out the restaurant on the lake then walk back to the car. Stop at the bank and a bakery, then drive home. Thoth gets dressed. Jamie and Nancee take naps. Thoth helps LA cook leftover pasta then makes bowls for himself, LA and a little for Nancee. Jamie tastes a little. LA cleans dishes and they settle onto computers. Thoth takes a walk to watch the sunset. LA finds Barnum on Youtube with Michael Crawford. She and Jamie watch it on her computer. Thoth comes back and plays his violin. Nancee and Thoth chat about creativity versus entertainment while LA and Jamie watch the movie. LA gets a headache and her stomach hurts so she lies down. Jamie feeds her yogurt. Thoth gets dressed in his new dress, and he and Nancee go to Starry Plough to see Nancee’s niece, Mariee Sioux, perform. “I feel better,” LA says after Thoth and Nancee have left. She makes a smoothie and takes a shower with her sister. Thoth and Nancee get beers then say hello to Mariee. They sit up front on the floor. “She’s gotten more comfortable in front of an audience,” Thoth tells Nancee after the show. LA organizes her hard drive and finds some old writings. “I’m so inspired,” she says after reading them. “They’re really good.” Nancee and Thoth congratulate Mariee and go home. They have snacks and chat in the kitchen. Jamie leaves. “You should have come,” Thoth tells LA. “You may have liked her.” Bibi says: “I’m a pickin’ my old ‘Snore Song’”