29.3.2013 “All Their Food”

Thoth looks for the car keys but finds a small device that looks like a garage opener instead. He takes it and the actual garage opener down to the car. The device doesn’t open the car door. He heads back upstairs but goes back to the car to try again. Finally, he inspects the car and finds that the passenger side door window is open. “Bella forgot to close the window,” he murmurs. He opens the car and sits in the driver’s seat. “Now what?” he says. He finds a slot on the dashboard that is square like the device so he pushes it in. Presses the start button. The welcome screen flashes on. Driving cautiously, having never driven a Prius before, he heads to Jim’s house. Gathers all their food from the refrigerator and packs it in the car. Stops at Vons to get coffee and some more supplies. Drives home. Puts everything away. LA wakes. “You got all our food,” she says excitedly. Thoth tells her about the car adventure and finishes by saying, “I’m lucky to have such a facility for technological things.” He and LA make up the couch and put the suitcase in the bedroom. Following Andrea’s instructions, Thoth turns on the dishwasher. LA makes smoothies. She and Thoth get dressed leisurely. They get lost going downstairs to get the bikes. They finally find them on P2. Ride to the park. LA feels sick. The park is busy, but the weather is cloudy. LA and Thoth set up and discover that they only have 7 CDs. The Dynamic Duo performs to nice, fairly large crowds. They get lots of good tips, but no one gets a CD. After “Gypsy Dance,” they