29.5.2013 “Takes Off Her Bustier”

Thoth makes coffee and watches tennis from the French Open. He asks Robert about making footdrums. Robert suggests ideas to optimize the instrument. Thoth goes up to the loft to hang out with LA and turns on the tennis channel. They decide to go out to play after seeing it will not rain. Rush to get dressed and take the train to 72nd street. The Boyd Choir has just finished performing when LA and Thoth arrive at the Angel Tunnel. The Dynamic Duo sets up slowly. “I feel sluggish,” Thoth says. At first, the audiences are sparse and slow to applaud, but eventually they get larger and more responsive. “I”m sorry, but you have the most pure voice I’ve ever heard,” a woman says to LA during a break. “Funny when people start a compliment with ‘I’m sorry.’” LA says. Patty and Luciano show up. Luciano photographs the Dynamic Duo. Dominic and Kendra start playing while LA and Thoth pack up. Two women ask for a picture. “You were amazing,” one of the women say to LA. “If I had a voice like that, I would sing my latte order.”  LA and Thoth sit on the stairs overlooking the tunnel. Fred and Kishan sit with them. Mick passes through and says hello. LA takes off her bustier. Jokes and comments abound from the various men present. A group of girls with black hearts beneath their eyes ask for a photo with them. “I love your sparkles,” a girl says to LA. “I live for them. I love you guys. I live for you.” LA and Thoth walk past sheep meadow and enter the southern subway entrance. “I like this way better,“ LA says. She and Thoth pick up some drinks at the corner store before going into their apartment. Thoth makes hummus and LA heats up the frozen pizza. They go up to the loft to watch Star Wars Episode 4. Thoth makes jam toasties. Bibi says: “Pile on!”