29.7.2013 “Talking Too Much”

Thoth organizes files on his computer. LA sleeps late. “I had a bad dream,” LA says when she wakes. Robert talks to LA about a roommate’s complaint that she is using their things. LA writes an apology note. “I think I’m getting better and then . . .” she tells Thoth. Robert teaches Thoth how to deep clean the carpet. “You know what keeps me humble and compassionate?” Thoth tells LA. “Listening to someone talk and complain about other people’s faults while they’re showing their own faults of talking too much. It perforce gives me pause.” LA re-dyes her hair pink. Thoth goes to the store. She washes out the hair color. Thoth makes tuna salad for dinner. LA watches Into the Wild, and Thoth watches Red. Bibi says: “The chin goes here and there. Where it stops, I know not.”