3.1.2012 “Traffic”

Thoth gets up early and finishes “Proof Of Heaven.” “What a wonderful book, Thoth says to Nancee. “It validates all my work, instills me with new confidence.” He wakes LA. “Time to go, Young Lady,” he says opening the blinds. LA gets up quickly. Nancee drives them downtown to get their rental car. Having forgotten the address, Thoth uses Nancee’s cell phone to call 411 to get directions. As they are driving around, Thoth espies a Hertz sign from far away. “I can’t see anything up close,” he says. “But I can see distant things.” Nancee drops them off and hugs and kisses them goodbye. They get their rental car, a Chevrolet Impala. They drive off with the car, forgetting to inspect the body for scratches or dents. Drive back to Nancee’s house and pack the car. LA vacuums the bedroom. They leave at 11:50am. LA takes a long nap while Thoth drives. “I’m more tired then usual,” Thoth says.”A little drowsy.” They stop at a fast food place for lunch. On the grapevine they listen to some popular classical pieces on satellite radio. They hit Los Angeles traffic at 6pm then arrive in San Diego at 8:20pm. A private, speed dating event is happening in ArtLab. LA and Thoth walk across the street to Andrea R’s art studio to say hello. “We missed you,” he says hugging them. LA calls Jim Y. He is in the back room at Ego ID Media. LA and Thoth walk across the street where Jim is waiting for