3.1.2013 “Pretty Empty”

Thoth makes coffee and writes. Jim comes home. “Is the princess still asleep?” he whispers to Thoth. “You don’t have to whisper,” LA says. She gets up and bikes to Vons for bagels, frozen fruit and orange juice. At home, she makes smoothies. Thoth showers. LA eats a bagel. They get dressed and bike to the park. The park is slow. “Not many people will be here because of the Super Bowl,” Thoth says. LA and Thoth finally meet one of their secret fans, Forrest. He has brought his brother and his brother’s girlfriend. Les shows up to see them too. He tells them that his family won a lifetime achievement award from NAMM. A Thai family comes over and looks at their setup. “Can we take a picture with you?” the son asks LA. “We would be so famous in Asia,” Thoth says. A Mexican family takes a picture with Thoth as he heads to the bathroom, then with LA. “The video camera doesn’t work,” Thoth says, then the Dynamic Duo begins. People are very generous though the park is pretty empty. When finished at 5, LA and Thoth bike home. LA waits with the bikes while Thoth goes into Sprouts to get some wild salmon. At home, Jim is in his room watching the game. LA and Thoth cook rice. LA uses the leftover salmon to make hand rolls. Thoth cooks the wild salmon for dinner. He passes out on the couch. LA works on her computer. Bibi says: “Happy sleep. Better not to weep.”