3.12.2012 “A Table Upstairs”

Thoth goes to Bean for coffee. “We’ve loved this place,“ Thoth tells the counterperson. “As you should,” the counterperson says with a smile. Thoth returns home and studies. LA wakes and dresses. She and Thoth walk to the subway and take the train to 23rd Street. They walk to East of Eighth Restaurant. Mickey is busy but invites them to find a table upstairs. Gloria is happy to see them and takes their order. LA has the black fettucine with salmon, and Thoth, the grilled salmon with quinoa. After they eat, Gloria sits and talks with them. Mickey comes out of a staff meeting to say goodbye. “I love you two,” Gloria says to LA and Thoth as they leave. “We’ll be back next year,” LA and Thoth say. They stop at a doughnut shop and LA gets a cranberry cake doughnut. They take the train home. LA takes her computer over to Bean to check email. Thoth works on the new Website. At 8, LA walks home and begins packing. Later, they go downstairs to Sushi Lounge. LA has the sushi deluxe and Thoth, udon. Back upstairs they pack some more and study. Bibi says: “At least I won’t be stuffed in the suitcase.”