3.3.2013 “Do Anything For You Guys”

Thoth writes. LA gets up late and gets dressed for the park. Thoth takes a shower. LA checks the phone messages and finds a text from their friend Andrea. She offers them a ride to the park. LA and Thoth finish getting dressed, and Andrea texts them when she arrives. LA and Thoth meet Andrea’s friend Carl. LA sits in the front seat. Thoth sits in the back and talks to Carl. Andrea drops them at the park and goes to pick up another friend and get coffee. LA and Thoth set up. Many people are strolling around the park. Forrest arrives just as they are about to begin. He gives them a gift of some Larabars, two lemon for LA and two coconut for Thoth. Many people sit on the ground and grass to watch the prayformance. Andrea and Carl return after the Dynamic Duo finish “Anya” and “Romanza.” John shows up and hands LA an envelope. “Happy birthday!” he says, then adds: “If I can do anything for you guys, I am more then willing.” Forrest hands LA some money and thanks them. LA and Thoth talk with Andrea and Carl while packing up, then they all walk to Andrea’s apartment across the bridge. They all lie on the couch together. “Tell us how you got together,” Carl says. “It must have been love at first sight.” “For me,” LA says, then tells the story. After talking, Andrea takes LA and Thoth home. “If you ever need anything, give me a call,” she says. They tell Jim about their day. “Huge audiences!“ Thoth says. LA eats some salmon and rice. “I think I over