3.4.2013 “A Compass”

Thoth goes down to Starbucks for coffee and reads. He returns upstairs to write. LA wakes from coughing again. It’s late. She and Thoth drive to Trader Joe’s to get groceries. Thoth didn’t bring enough money so they drive home, unpack groceries, get more money, and go back to Ralph’s supermarket. On the way back home, they stop at Crest Diner for pulled pork sliders. LA gets some pomegranate froyo from Pinkberry. They stop at an arts supply store and Thoth buys a compass. Drive home. LA continues watching Lost. Thoth rests on the couch with her. He continues his 3D tutorials. Around midnight, he makes lobster ravioli with a basil cream sauce. Bibi says: “A shoulder in pain.”