3.5.2013 “Bunny”

Thoth works on After Effects tutorials. LA puts her hair up in a doughnut bun and covers it with some pink wig hair. In the afternoon, they pack and Dave picks them up. He drives them to Mission Valley where Thoth buys some rubber bands at Staples, then he takes them to the GaslightGathering Steampunk Convention at the Town and Country Hotel and Resort. Dave shows LA and Thoth to the convention entrance where Anastasia gives them badges. “It’s not as busy as it will be tomorrow.” Anastasia says. A woman recognizes Thoth from 20 years ago in San Francisco. “I saw on the website you would be here,” she says. Dave takes LA and Thoth to the front desk. “Your room won’t be ready for forty-five minutes,” the desk clerk says. “It’s 3:30,” Thoth says. “We wouldn’t have come if we knew it wasn’t going to be ready.” He and LA sit on the couch in the lobby, and Dave goes back to the convention. While waiting, Thoth stretches rubber bands over and ties cords on the Spirit Catchers. LA gets some free lemonade for them. The room is ready over an hour later. “Can we have an extension until 1pm tomorrow since our room wasn’t ready on time?” LA asks. The desk clerk agrees. LA and Thoth finally get the keys and walk to their room. People are already parading about dressed in Victorian and stem punk costumes. LA and Thoth