3.6.2013 “CD Covers”

Thoth rests his throat all day by staying inside and writing. LA cancels an upcoming Thursday gig because she and Thoth are exhausted. In the afternoon, LA takes the train to 42nd Street/Bryant Park and walks to her favorite jewelry store. She spends two hours trying on jewelry. She settles for two necklaces, a tiara and four pairs of earrings. The new CD covers arrive, and Thoth checks them for errors. LA arrives back at the apartment just before it begins to rain. She tries on her new jewelry. “I haven’t eaten all day,” Thoth says. “I want a sandwich.” “I’ll go get one for you.” LA says. She walks to the corner bodega and gets two sandwiches. Thoth watches tennis in the loft while LA watches Youtube videos. She talks to her sister on Skype. Bibi says: “Much time together.”