3.8.2013 “Look At You”

LA and Thoth get dressed and go to Central Park. It is raining lightly. LA and Thoth talk passionately about the NYPE’s reticence to stop amplified music. “I don’t think they believe there is a difference between a boom box and us,” Thoth says. “Therefore they’re not enforcing the rules because they are ignorant about what amplification is.” The Boyd Choir is singing in the Angel Tunnel. LA and Thoth wait. “Most of them use amplification except us,” Thoth continues. “Everyone. The Boyd Choir. Vasili and Julia. . . . They’re just like the Afrobats: without a boom box they wouldn’t be able to make money.” The rain stops and the sun comes out. A group of models are dressing in the wings for a photoshoot on the terrace stairs. The makeup artist loves LA and Thoth. Vasili and Julia play. “In my fantasy rules about this space,“ Thoth says. “If a busker repeats a piece, they have to give up the space to another musical group. I’m tired of people playing the same thing over and over. Shows they’re not serious about making music, only about making money.” A man compliments Vasili by saying that they sound like a recording. “They are a recording,” Thoth quips. The Dynamic Duo sets up and plays several pieces. The Afrobats show up right after “Sea Expressions.” “Now I’m afraid the cops will come down to stop them and harass us, too,” LA says. LA and Thoth move their setup to the back of the tunnel to play their final four pieces. After “Scottish Song,” a man approaches LA and says: “Can I look at you?” “Sure!” LA says. “It’s great you just want to look at me rather than take my picture.” The man’s wife buys both Tribal Baroque CDs. “You were the highlight of the past 6 months!” they say. “What a nice ending to our day,” Thoth remarks. He and LA pack up and go home. They shower and Thoth orders pizza. Then he goes to the grocery store. “Having pizza once in a while is fun,” Thoth says. ”Too much and it’s very unhealthy. Moderation!” Bibi says: “Hanging on the edge. What a night!”