30.1.2013 “Hard To Get Motivated”

“I woke up from a nice dream,” LA says. “But then realized the money was still gone.” “Same with me,” Thoth says. LA logs into their Facebook page. “Some people have already offered to donate,” LA says. She creates a post giving people ways to give. “What if we get all the money back?” LA says excitedly. She gets dressed and Thoth showers. “It’s so hard to get motivated,” LA says. “The loss of the money has taken all the air out of our sails,,” Thoth says. They bike to the park. Nice day. People everywhere. While LA and Thoth get ready, three men approach them. “Are you playing today?” they ask. “We’re gonna come to your show on the 15th. We saw you on Sunday.” “We start at 3,” Thoth says. “We’ll take a stroll and come back,” the men say. When the Dynamic Duo begins “Anya,” a crowd gathers and the three men come back. The Dynamic Duo plays five pieces and the audience leaves. They pack up. On the way home, they pick up fresh pasta, salmon and heavy cream at Sprouts. At home, LA makes sandwiches for a snack while she and Thoth check emails. “We’ve got donations,” Thoth says. “All the money may come back. Wouldn’t that be something?” Jim comes home and goes out to the tub. LA watches Bobby McFerrin videos while Thoth makes another batch of orange salmon pasta. “Bobby McFerrin doesn’t have a strong voice,” LA says. ”It’s kind of breathy.” “Without a microphone he couldn’t really do anything of what he does,” Thoth remarks. “To me that’s important. But to the world? Who cares?” After dinner, he and LA settle back down to their computers. Thoth calls his mother to wish her a happy birthday then works on the Website. LA listens to “Common Threads” and “The Elephant’s Child Lullaby.” Bibi says: “On the crest of a dream pillows are sea cream.”