30.11.2012 “Free To Steal”

Thoth gets coffee at Bean then downloads WordPress tutorials and checks email. He returns home and studies. Wakes LA with nibbles then showers. LA dresses and puts the new hair clips and lights in her hair while listening to music from her computer. On the way to the subway, she and Thoth stop at Walgreens to buy AA batteries. LA turns on the lights in the subway. “They’re blue,” Thoth says. “Really?” LA moans. “I just assumed they would be white. These won’t work. I need to return them.” They walk to the tunnel and say hello to Keeshan. “Doug’s playing down there,” Keeshan says. “He’s a friend of Hugh. He’s very approachable.” LA and Thoth sit in the wings and wait for Doug to finish. A woman stops and takes Doug’s picture. “Take a card,” Doug interrupts his song to say. The woman takes a card and walks away. “She just took a picture and a card but didn’t give him any money,” Thoth says. The woman comes back and films Doug some more. “What a jerk,” Thoth says. ”People feel free to steal from public performers.” “I’m gonna do just two more songs,” Doug says to LA and Thoth. Dan R. shows up. “You guys are troopers,” Dan R. says. Doug finishes and packs up. LA and Thoth set up. “Do you need to use the bathroom?” Thoth says. “Nah, it’s too far,” LA says. Paul