30.11.2012 “Free To Steal”

arrives pushing his cart. Kim and a friend of hers show up while the Dynamic Duo is playing “LA’s Waltz.” Kim and her friend stay through Thoth’s solo. Kim hugs LA, then Thoth. “I love you so much,” she whispers in each of their ears. After “Wet Tango,” LA and Thoth pack up while chatting with Paul and Dan R about how technology is dumbing people down. “I’m cold and hungry,” LA interrupts. “He would stay here talking for hours.” LA, Thoth and Dan R. walk to the subway. LA runs into the Pierre Hotel to pee. “Jingle bells, jingle bells…” a hotel employee says. Thoth and Dan R. talk about tennis until LA returns. They all go down into the subway. “I’ll try to come see you on the last day, Sunday,” Dan R. says. They hug and Dan R. heads uptown. LA and Thoth take the train downtown, get off at 8th Street, and walk home. They take costumes off and count money. When rested, they go out again and walk towards Union Square to find the store where LA bought the battery powered lights. She exchanges them for white ones and Thoth buys some for himself along with some stick-on bronze crystals. Down the block, they find a Thai restaurant. LA has pad Thai and Thoth, a panang tofu curry. After dinner, they walk along 1st Avenue back to 8th Street. Dessert at Pinkberry. “It’s cold now,” LA says as they walk home. At home, LA showers and Thoth lies down. LA listens to Thoth’s solo music and writes a few blogs. Thoth gets up and works on tutorials. Bibi says: “Daddy, it’s alright. Just a nightmare. Hold me.”