30.12.2012 “Biking”

Thoth works on videos and writes. LA gets up at 10. Thoth rides his bike to BART. He just misses a train and sits in the sun. Jamie calls LA. “I reserved a bike,” she says. “I can have it all day.” She and LA decide to meet at the MacArthur BART station. Thoth takes the train to Walnut Creek. He goes to Target to get a USB stick then bikes towards Rossmoor. LA bikes to the Rockridge BART and takes the train one stop to MacArthur. She calls to her sister on the platform when the doors open. They take the train to Powell Street and walk to Union Square to pick up Jamie’s bike. Thoth stops at Safeway to buy ingredients for an apple pie. He rides up and down the steep rolling hills to his mother’s house. LA and Jamie bike to Starbucks so Jamie can get a coffee drink and a piece of cake. LA puts Jamie’s coffee in her water bottle holder but it falls out just as they are about to bike away. “I want to go home,“ LA says with frustration. Jamie gets another drink. “I don’t like biking in the city,” LA says. “It makes me nervous with all the cars and busses. Let’s go to the Embarcadero.” She and Jamie bike to Fisherman’s Wharf, lock up the bikes and go to Joe’s Crabshack. Thoth’s mom is happy to see him. He fixes a broken shelf in her refrigerator. They watch a recording of the final match from the Tour Finals in London. LA gets fried shrimp and a Caesar salad which she shares with Jamie.