30.3.2013 “Larabars”

Thoth spends the morning straightening up Andrea’s cupboards. He re-washes all the dishes from the dishwasher, fixes a few broken things, then watches tennis from Miami. LA wakes and gets a message on Facebook from Rachel, the girl in NYC who has a room for rent. They write back and forth. “I’m worried about the train noise and not having two beds,” LA tells Thoth. She keeps looking for places, but it tires her out. “I shouldn’t sing today,” LA says. “Are we not going out?“ Thoth asks. “No, let’s go,” LA responds. She goes in the bathroom and styles her hair with a curling iron while talking to her sister on Skype. Thoth showers and gets dressed. They get the bikes. It’s a beautiful sunny day. A wedding reception is set up in the courtyard of Patio B, next to where LA and Thoth usually play. “Let’s go up front,” LA suggests. A man with a sweet dog says hello. “Do you remember me? I saw you guys last year. Name’s Bill.” Willie, the photographer who came yesterday, meets and walks with them to the front then waits for the Dynamic Duo to play. Wayne, the fiddler, says hello to Thoth. “We’re not going to play very long,” Thoth says. “We know we get in everyone’s way. Come back and play after us.” Thoth goes over to explain the same thing to the magician and juggler, Dave. He is not happy about it but he is glad that Thoth came over to tell him. LA calls Forrest to tell him where they are. Forrest shows up with a bag of Larabars, a box of lemons for LA and a box of coconut for Thoth, and a bag of fresh raw nuts.