30.4.2013 “Reception”

Thoth wakes and checks over the CD cover again. LA wakes early again and spends the morning secretly writing a love letter to Thoth. She gets on Skype with her sister. “Look what I did for Thoth,” she shows her sister the letter and gives it to Thoth. Thoth hugs her and makes little animal sounds. She watches videos on Youtube. Thoth finishes several Spirit Catchers. He takes a shower and he and LA get costumed at 5. They borrow Jim’s car and drive to the reception for Marivi’s just published book, The Mango Bride. Thoth drops LA off at the front and parks the car. “I feel like I’m going to faint,” LA says to Thoth. “I’m hungry.” “There’s food up there,” Thoth says. “Tribal Baroque is here!” Marivi’s daughter says when they arrive. “I didn’t think you’d play,” Marivi says. “We never come to parties unless we’re going to play,” LA says. LA has some snacks to tide her over. Marivi gives them a copy of The Mango Bride, and LA and Thoth give her their CD “Love and Devotion.”  LA and Thoth take out their instruments and she puts on her bells. Marivi reads a couple of sections from her book. She introduces LA and Thoth. The Dynamic Duo plays “LA’s Waltz.” People titter at their theatrics. As LA and Thoth pack up to leave, people chat with them. “It was so sad,”  the reception’s hired singer says. “It was just so sad. I was very moved. Thank you.” LA and Thoth drive to Azuki for dinner. They both have the nigiri special and a few treats. Afterwards they drive back home. Jim is painting. LA reads the section of The Mango Bride where she and Thoth are described. Then she talks to her sister on Skype and Jim joins in while he cooks a steak for Audrey. Audrey goes to bed and Jim goes back out to paint. Thoth drowses on the couch. Bibi says: “I’m over here. On the couch. Don’t forget me.”