30.5.2013 “Heaven”

Thoth talks to Robert about making two footdrums. Robert suggests a thinner plywood top. LA gets up and paints a white stripe across her eyes. She shortens a skirt with safety pins. “It’s going to be very hot today,” she says. She and Thoth arrive at the Angel Tunnel where a film crew is set up in front of the fountain. The noisy crew fills the wings. LA and Thoth set up in the back of the tunnel. Dan shows up with his camera. LA chats with Dan. The Dynamic Duo performs “Anya.” Fortunately, the film crew doesn’t bother them and try to stop from performing. With three piece left in their set, the Dynamic Duo notices that the film crew has packed up and they move the setup to the front. “I’m not feeling well, LA complains. Josh, Dan’s brother, shows up on his bicycle. The audiences are small and sluggish to applaud. “That sent me straight to heaven,” Josh says. “That piece is called ‘Heaven Scent,’” Thoth tells him and laughs. After the “Tango,” LA and Thoth pack up while talking to Dan and his brother. They all discuss having sushi again soon. LA and Thoth walk past Sheep’s Meadow to the subway. “I’m anxious to get home,” LA says as they walk. She and Thoth stop at the grocery store. LA collapses on the couch. She talks to her sister on Skype. The new CD, “Heaven Scent,” has arrived. LA and Thoth have sushi and watch The Empire Strikes Back. Bibi says: “Roll in time in sheets sublime.”