30.7.2013 “Flapping Its Wings”

Thoth works on logo animation in Photoshop. “Would you like to go to East of Eighth for lunch today?” Thoth asks LA when she wakes. She likes the idea and gets dressed up. She and Thoth take the train to 23rd Street. They go to Ricky’s and get gold and silver make up and some toiletries at CVS. Then they go to the restaurant and sit on the patio. Mickey talks with them a little. LA has rib sliders and Thoth has chicken picatta. After eating, they get sage at a Tibetan gift store across the street and go home. LA talks to her sister on Skype while Thoth naps up in the loft. Later, LA uses the rest of the tuna salad to make a tuna melt. Thoth shows LA their flying violin logo flapping its wings. Bibi says: “Pile on!”