31.1.2013 “Cults”

Thoth makes coffee and sits at the table to write and work on the Website. LA gets up at 10:30. “We got a few more donations this morning,” Thoth says. LA gets back in bed. “Can you come snuggle with me?” They snuggle together in bed. Thoth makes the babes jump around and do silly things. He and LA get up again, and she makes smoothies. Thoth cleans the kitchen. “I think we should play in the park on Tuesday, Wednesday (optional), Friday, Saturday, and Sunday,” Thoth suggests. LA agrees then watches a documentary about cults. They make lunch. LA watches another documentary about the People’s Temple cult. Thoth works on the Website. In the evening, Jim asks if LA and Thoth want to go to the vegetarian restaurant, Jyoti Bihanga for dinner. Upon seeing all the kids going, LA decides she wants to go. “What will you eat?” Thoth asks. “I’ll find something,” she says. They all pile into the car and Jim drives. LA orders a tofurkey wrap and Thoth orders a neatloaf sandwich. Thoth helps her finish. They all share carrot cake for dessert. LA sings a note. “How did you get such a big voice?” Julian asks. Upon leaving the restaurant, LA sings loudly into the dining room, startling everyone. “You need to be careful about showing your super powers,” Thoth cautions. “I become a kid again around kids,“ she says. At home, LA and Thoth continue working on their projects. Bibi says: “Snuggling beneath his chin makes me feel that we are akin.”