31.3.2013 “Don’t Overplay”

Thoth watches tennis from Miami all morning. LA wakes at noon.  Thoth makes lemon tea for her cough. “I’m not feeling well and I can’t keep up with you,” LA says to Thoth while getting dressed. “Let’s try to keep the phrases short today.” They bike to the park. Les shows up on his bike.Forrest comes over, as well as a few people. LA goes to the restroom. “I got my period,” LA says to Thoth. “I had to clean up.” The Dynamic Duo plays “Anya” and “Romanza.” “Thanks for keeping things short,” LA says and coughs. “Don’t overplay . . .” “Don’t tell me what to do,” Thoth bristles angrily. “Request. This is my work. That is very selfish of you.” “I’m sorry, I’m sorry,” LA says. Thoth walks away to calm down. He and LA play an entire set. “I figured out how to do it,” LA says while packing up. “I don’t have to sing so much.” Forrest thanks them and leaves. LA and Thoth bike home. They eat some snacks. After changing clothes, they drive to Sprouts to get foods for dinner. LA forgets to pack the lemons. They make dinner and Thoth lies down on the couch for a nap. LA showers. Bibi says: “Coughing chases him to the couch again, but this time with me.”