31.5.2013 “Princess”

Thoth makes coffee and watches tennis from the French Open. LA wakes from nightmares. “I feel overwhelmed by prayformance,” she confesses. “It’s a lot of singing and I don’t know how I can do it. I don’t know how you’ve done it all these years. And, by yourself.” Thoth snuggles with her. They get up, and LA spends a long time fixing her hair. Thoth shaves his head. He makes a smoothie for LA. They take the train to 72nd Street and walk into Central Park at 69th Street, past Sheep’s Meadow and Le Pain Quotidien. In the Angel Tunnel, the Boyd Choir is performing. After they finish, Julia and Vasily play a set. Blackwolf the Dragonmaster sits and talks with LA and Thoth while they wait. Dan shows up to photograph the prayformance. LA and Thoth set up. An old friend stops by and says to LA: “You know who you look like? Bette Midler. Very theatrical face.” A fan of the Dynamic Duo, an autistic man, shows up and stands very close to them during “Anya,” cheering and jabbering. “Play another!” he says when they finish. “OK! Now! One, two, three, four!” “It doesn’t work that way sweetie,” LA says. The man eventually wanders off. During “LA’s Waltz,” Thoth has a coughing attack and LA sneezes while they play. “Are you alright?” LA asks Thoth. “I knock myself out,” Thoth says. “You don’t have to sing so much,” LA says. “I’m learning how to pace myself.” “It’s all about giving everything always,” Thoth says. After the “Tango,” LA and Thoth pack up. Dominic and Kendra set up and play. Dan walks with LA and Thoth past Sheep’s