31.7.2013 “All The Breakdancers”

Thoth works on video editing in Premiere Pro and illustration in Photoshop, and writes. He wakes LA a little late and makes smoothies. LA does her makeup and hair. Thoth takes a shower, gets dressed, and puts on the new gold makeup. “This water based stuff is so much better,” he says. He and LA take the train to 72nd Street and walk to the Angel Tunnel. A group of break dancers are performing above the stairs of the Angel Tunnel while two other break dancing groups wait. LA and Thoth walk down into the tunnel. Only Sanjei, Abraham and Toby of the Boyd Choir are playing. They stop a half hour early. “Looks slow,” LA comments. “Nobody’s stopping.” The Dynamic Duo sets up. “Let’s start early,” LA says. “The Afrobats may come down.” Dan arrives with a friend, Tina. She buys their new CD. “We were hoping you’d get here early,” LA tells Dan. After the opening ceremony, the Dynamic Duo begins the prayformance. During a break, ”LA says: “The break dancers seem quiet today.” The Dynamic Duo have large audiences all day. “You can never tell from the reception of another group whether the venue is busy or not,” Thoth says. While the Dynamic Duo packs up, Michael sets up and plays his flute. LA and Thoth chat with Dan and Tina about making further videos. Kishan tells LA that NYPE came and shut down all the breakdancers. “That’s why it was so quiet today,” LA says. She and Thoth go to Sally’s Bench and make a video. “I love being here because of the locals and all the dogs,” Thoth says. “No tourists.” He and LA take the train to 110th Street. They pick up groceries on the way home. They have hummus as an appetizer. Thoth works on another Photoshop illustration while cooking dinner. LA watches “Being John Malkovich.” The power cuts out in the apartment. “It’s not the fuses,” Thoth observes, “The rest of the apartments have power.” LA calls Robert and he comes home from the store and solves the problem. “It’s weird how we can’t do anything when we don’t have electricity,” LA says. “We can still prayform, though.” “Few if any of the popular entertainment celebrities can perform without power,” Thoth observes. “Not Rhianna, Beyonce, the Rolling Stones, American Idol, can continue with their show if the power went out,” Thoth remarks. “But we can. And that’s the most important thing.” He finishes cooking dinner. After eating, he goes up to the loft to watch tennis and nap while LA finishes the film. Bibi says: “Pain precludes cuddling.”