4.1.2013 “All About Scams”

Thoth gets up early to return the rental car. Jim suggests that Thoth follow him down to Hertz. Thoth looks at the car in the driveway. He finds a quarter sized hole in the passenger side rear light cover. “We should have looked the car over when we got it,” he says. He follows Jim down to Hertz. He points out the hole to the Hertz clerk during the inspection. “I just found it this morning,” Thoth says. “It’s good you got the damage waiver,” the Hertz clerk responds. At the desk the Hertz clerk says: “That will be $222.00.” “We were quoted $120,” Thoth counters. The Hertz clerk looks at the computer invoice and is mystified why the final invoice jumps up $100. He amends the invoice and Thoth pays. Jim drives Thoth home. “Why did you show the clerk the hole,” Jim asks in the car. “I just needed to be honest,” Thoth responds. “It almost backfired though.” Thoth makes coffee and begins working on the Tribal Baroque Website. LA wakes up at 9:30, and Thoth tells her what happened. “The rental car business is all about scams,” LA says. She works on her computer. “I want sushi,” LA says. Jim comes home, turns on some music, and makes lunch. Julian comes home. Jim mentions a few sushi places, but they are too far away to bike to easily. Julian offers to drive them to Sushi Deli. LA and Thoth treat Julian to lunch. On the drive home, they stop at Adams Avenue Bike Shop to look for used saddle bags. “We don’t have any,” Julian’s friend says. Julian drops LA and Thoth at home and goes back out. LA bikes to Rite Aid to buy toothpaste, razors, and some hair dye. “You guys