4.12.2012 “The Most Painless Trip”

Thoth finishes packing and cleaning while LA sleeps. She wakes at 10. They finish cleaning up, weigh their bags on a bathroom scale, and lug their things downstairs. They eat breakfast at the
Odessa Cafe. After paying, they go out on the sidewalk to decide where they could get a taxi. Almost immediately, a taxi does a quick u-turn. “How did you know we wanted a taxi,” Thoth asks. “You looked like you might,” the driver responds. The ride to the airport is quick with no traffic. “That was easy,” Thoth remarks. He and LA check in and go to the gate to wait. The flight leaves at 4pm. Two hours later they land in Atlanta. LA and Thoth get sandwiches then board their flight to San Francisco. Five hours later, they land in SFO. LA’s sister, Jamie is waiting for them at the security gate. She hugs LA, kneels, and says: “WIll you be my squishy forever?” She offers LA a silver ring. “Yes I will!” LA says. “Will you be my friend forever?” Jamie says to Thoth, handing him a gold necklace. Thoth nods and smiles. He and LA get their suitcases and follow Jamie to the car. “That was the most painless trip I’ve ever taken,” Thoth remarks. “The worst thing about a trip like this is that the next one will definitely be more unpleasant.” Thoth and LA put their bags in the trunk and Jamie drives them to Nancee’s house in Oakland. Nancee is till up and is happy to see them. LA and Thoth drag their things up to the bedroom. Thoth and Nancee have a glass of wine and chat. “I don’t want to go,” Jamie says, hugging her sister. LA, Nancee and Thoth talk until they all get tired. Bibi says: “Unkie! Elly! The gang’s back together again for a pillow romp.”