4.2.2013 “Cults”

Thoth goes to the café in Kensington for coffee and sits in the sun, reading. He stops in a store to get a USB cable for the video camera. On the way home, he hits a bump and his thermos falls and breaks. At home he writes. “Dennis Anderson sent a beautiful picture of you,” Thoth tells LA when she gets up. Thoth showers. LA puts conditioner mixed with pink dye in her hair and lets it sit for two hours. She watches a documentary about Scientology. Thoth downloads the videos of Saturday’s prayformance. LA rinses out the color. She and Thoth bike to Ego ID Media and borrow Jim’s car. Thoth drives them to Chula Vista. They have lunch at Sushi Loco. “Your mother has always accused us of being in a cult,” Thoth says. “Cults like Scientology are all about profiting from people’s insecurities and fears.” After eating, he and LA stop at the leather store. Thoth buys a new purse for them. They stop at Vons to get sushi rice, then give Jim the keys. Bike home. Thoth takes a nap. He continues working on the Website. LA make rice and has a salmon roll for dinner. Thoth makes a bagel. Jim paints outside. Thoth goes to bed. LA writes then showers. LA discovers that the shower spigot will not turn the water off. Bibi says: “What’s that trickling?”