4.3.2013 “99.7 Degrees”

Thoth makes some coffee, then writes and edits . LA wakes and he gives her some water. She throws it all up. Thoth cleans up the floor. LA sleeps the rest of the day. Thoth works beside her. “I’m so thirsty,” she says. Thoth brings her some shattered ice cubes. Eventually she can hold down water, then fizzy water, then orange juice. She can barely stand up. Thoth bikes to Vons and buys a roasted chicken. He eats it at home. “Terrible!“ he says. Jim gives LA a thermometer. “You have a fever,” Thoth says. ”99.7 degrees.”  Later LA says, “I’m lonely.” “I’m right here,” Thoth says looking up from his writing. He gets in bed at 12. “I’m afraid I won’t sleep tonight,” LA says. She wakes in the middle of the night sweating. “I’m having that weird feeling again,” she says waking Thoth. She starts to panic. Thoth distracts her by making all the babes dance. “Your fever has broken,” Thoth says. Bibi says: “My dance moves can distract anyone from sadness. Watch this gyrating rear end. Whoop whoop whoop!”