4.5.2013 “Corset”

Thoth gets up and walks to the Terrace Café for coffee. Foggy and chilly. He returns to the room and works on animation tutorials in After Effects. LA wakes. Thoth gets in bed with her. They cuddle and play with the babes. LA gets up and  goes out at 9 for some breakfast. She comes back and dresses. She and Thoth go to shop at the Bazaar. Thoth buys two black hair extensions with black and red feathers on the end, and LA buys a white parasol. “Pretty!” Thoth says. People stop them everywhere and compliment them about their show last night. “I wasn’t expecting it,” one woman says. “The people who went to see Steam Powered Giraffe last night instead of you missed out.” Thoth tries on a sweetheart corset. He and LA go back to their room and quickly get ready. The Dynamic Duo go to the central courtyard and play ”Anya.” A large crowd gathers. LA and Thoth return to the room, pack up, and check out. They go to the lecture room. A projector is set up, but no one has the film. Thoth finds it on his computer. “Lucky I had it,” Thoth says. LA watches a bit of the film while Thoth goes downstairs and talks to people. LA comes down and sits with Thoth until the film is over. “Watching the film reminds me how spiritual what we do is,” LA remarks. They go back to the room. First the Dynamic Duo plays “LA’s Waltz,“ then they explain