4.6.2013 “On The Patio”

Thoth drinks coffee and watches tennis from the French Open. LA gets up and washes her tulle skirts in the sink. LA and Thoth take laundry to the laundromat on Amsterdam Avenue. LA goes to the bank to change ones while Thoth watches over the clothes washing. When the clothes are dried, they take them home. Thoth showers. He and LA take the train to 23rd Street and have lunch at East of Eighth. They give the owner of the restaurant, Mickey, a CD. “I would love a DVD,” he says. “Funny thing,” Thoth says, “we used to carry DVDs but few people ask for them. And even if they do, they end up getting a CD anyway.”  Mickey seats them on the patio and sits and talks with them. Thoth gets grilled salmon and LA gets black pasta and salmon. Mickey comps their meal. Thoth takes the train home and goes to Duane Reade for supplies. LA goes to Union Square and buys hair clips at Kawii Japanese store. Thoth returns home to watch tennis. LA goes to the Halloween store on 8th street and buys face paint and colored hair spray. She walks back to Union Square and sits on the stairs where many people are hanging out. She walks to the subway entrance and stops to listen to Hare Krishna. She puts down her bags and dances. She takes the train home. Thoth is napping in the loft, watching tennis. “I’m not feeling well,” he groans. He and LA spend the rest of the evening in their room. Bibi says: “Seeing a lot of you lately.”