5.12.2012 “Treat”

Thoth gets up at 4am and goes to work on the computer. He chats with Nancee when she gets up. He gets coffee from the café next to the market. LA is up at 10. She looks on the internet at the cost of renting a car. “I don’t know how to do this,” she says. Thoth calls Michael and leaves a message for him. LA goes into the garage and organizes the bags of clothes they left 9 months ago. She creates a new outfit. Thoth takes all the bags of clothes and things upstairs. Jamie calls to say she’ll be there soon. When she arrives, Thoth takes a shower and gets dressed. Jamie drives them to Oscar’s Diner. Thoth and LA treat Jamie to lunch. They drive to the movie theatre in Emeryville and buy tickets for Lincoln. While waiting for showtime, they all walk around the mall. LA and Thoth get smoothies with tapioca bubbles. Jamie gets ice cream. They walk back to the theatre and watch the movie. “I liked it but it was too long,” Jamie says afterwards. “It really touched me,” Thoth says. “I’m amazed at the machinations Lincoln had to put into affect to get rid of an evil.” Jamie drives LA and Thoth back to Nancee’s house. They work on the computers and research how to sell the car. Later, Jamie drives LA to Boston Market to get dinner for LA and Thoth. “We don’t have dark meat,” the counterperson announces. LA and Jamie get chicken breasts instead and take them home. “It’s too dry for me,” Thoth says disappointed. Nancee comes home and eats with them. “It’s probably all GMO corn,” Thoth remarks. Jamie ends up eating most of the chicken. Nancee tells them Michael called and plays his recorded message. Thoth and Nancee have a small glass of wine which makes Thoth tired. LA and Jamie watch a few videos on Youtube then Jamie goes home. LA takes a shower. Bibi says: “Cozy again!”