5.2.2013 “Nasal Cleanses”

Thoth hears the noise of running water in the bathroom. He discovers that water is running in the bathtub and he can’t turn it off. He goes to Vons for a bag of ground coffee. At home he writes. Jim says he called Tod about the leaking faucet.  LA wakes feeling swelling in her throat. “I’m sick,” she says. She does several nasal cleanses, takes some Vitamin C and some aspirin, then gets back in bed. Tod comes by to fix the bathtub knob. LA toasts a bagel and blends a smoothie. She and Thoth have lunch and work on various projects. Thoth continues fine-tuning the Website. LA feels so sick and tired that she lies down again. Thoth moves his computer next to her to work. After getting up, she takes a bath. LA is hungry but still too tired to go out. Thoth goes to the store with Jim and gets salmon for her. Jim cooks spaghetti and meat sauce while LA sautes the salmon. Jim and his kids eat. Thoth sits on the couch and works on the Website until he falls asleep. LA watches Titus Andronicus with Anthony Hopkins. Bibi says: “Bad moods are sometimes caused by icky foods.”