5.4.2013 “I Did It”

Thoth makes coffee and writes. He drops a note on LA’s computer telling her he will be back, then he leaves at 10. The realtor enters the condominium soon after. “Hello! Hello!” she yells. “Lila? Lila? Did you forget I’m showing the house today? You’re not supposed to be here.” LA groans and coughs. “Are you sick?” she says. “Yes,” LA says. The realtor leaves. LA gets up and gets dressed. She looks around and doesn’t see anyone. “Maybe she’s gone downstairs to let people in,” LA says and waits. The woman doesn’t come back. Thoth drives to The Crypt and looks around, then he goes to fill the car with gas. LA looks for housing in NYC on Craigslist, then lies down on the couch. Thoth visits Ego ID Media and says hello to Jim and Dave. LA gets up and says: “We’re not going to find an inexpensive room for a couple. I don’t want to rent an unfurnished apartment. And furnished apartments are too much. What if we asked Robert if he still has a room available. Maybe we could raise the money to pay for it.” LA sends Robert an email. Thoth comes home. LA tells him her idea. Thoth also sends Robert an email. He and LA get dressed and head to the park on their bikes. Chilly and cloudy. The park is quiet, but as the Dynamic Duo plays, many people gather to watch. At the end, Bill comes over to watch. The Dynamic Duo end by performing a 5/8 rhythm. It is the first time LA has played this rhythm in public. A final crowd gathers. “I did it!” LA cheers. “I’m proud of you,”