5.5.2013 “The Rude Ranger”

Thoth writes. LA is up at 7:20am. She bikes to Starbucks to get something for breakfast. LA’s father writes saying he will be mixing the CD tracks today and might be able to send them tonight. Despite the cloudy weather, LA and Thoth get dressed and bike to Balboa Park. Just as they start setting up, it begins to pour. A couple shows up to watch them and sits on the patio ground. LA and Thoth wonder if they should go up front and play. “Look who’s here,” Thoth says. LA and Thoth go hug Forrest. LA goes out front to see what’s going on. “Two guys are in the hallway singing really badly,” LA says. After Thoth goes to look, he says: “Let’s go up front. They’re not at our spot.” LA and Thoth carry their things with fans in tow and Forrest helps carry the bikes. They set up in the hallway but it begins to clear. Sleeveless the magician sets up again and does a show. LA and Thoth wait until he finishes. “We can either wait here until it starts raining again, or go back to our spot in the back,” Thoth says. “I don’t want to move again,” LA says. She goes over and asks Sleeveless if they can perform. “If you move down a bit,” he says. “Thanks for asking. We’ll miss you guys.” He hugs her. LA and Thoth move their things down the hallway and the fans follow. The Dynamic Duo plays “Anya.” Parrish, the rude ranger, stops his truck on the Prado and watches