5.6.2013 “How Much Do You Make?”

LA can’t sleep. “It’s because I drank a Coca Cola,” she tells Thoth. He comforts her and she falls asleep. Thoth gets up early as usual and writes before watching tennis. LA gets up at 10:30. They get dressed. LA tries her new face paint. “It’s not working,” LA says. She and Thoth get out of the house slightly late and arrive at the Angel Tunnel after 2pm. The Boyd Choir is not there. John the violist is playing with a cellist. LA and Thoth wait until 3pm. LA informs John of the time. “I’m going to play until 4, at least.” John says. LA and Thoth get upset. They have an angry discussion with him. “You know we start at 3,” LA says. “No I don’t,” John says. “There’s nothing that says you play at 3. It’s first come, first serve.” “That’s not how it is here,” LA counters. “There is a queue. Thoth has played here for 10 years.” “I make $40 an hour, how much do YOU make?” John says. “I’m not telling you that,” LA says. John plays for another hour. Dan Rubin arrives, then Kendra. They all talk about how John has ostracized all the other performers. “I think you should set up and show him who’s boss,” Kendra says. LA and Thoth set up at the back of the tunnel a little before 4pm. John packs up, throws all his pennies in their case and says, “Thanks for not setting up on me.” LA and Thoth move to the front of the tunnel. “I’m so angry and sad,” LA says. “Me too,”