5.8.2013 “Running Back And Forth”

Thoth works on videos. LA gets up and Thoth makes muffins with cheese for lunch. LA goes out and does the laundry. Thoth watches tennis from Canada. LA returns from the laundry, and she and Thoth fold and put the clothes away. “We’re missing a pillow case,” Thoth says while making the bed. LA goes back to the laundromat to look but can’t find it. At home, she looks behind the couch and finds it. “It must have fallen back there when I threw it off the bed,” Thoth says. Later, they go to the grocery store and get things for dinner. They don’t have enough money so LA runs back to the apartment for extra money. At home they put away the groceries but are missing things, so Thoth runs back to the store for the forgotten bag. “A day of running back and forth,” Thoth observes. LA talks to her sister on Skype. The conversation about their parents unfair gifting of money makes Thoth sullen. “When I was 16 I had to work,” he says. “No one was giving me any money to lie around doing nothing.” He makes orange salmon for dinner. LA eats and cleans up. Thoth doesn’t eat. He lies down and watches the end of Cloverfield. Bibi says: “We jump on you cause we love you.”