6.1.2013 “Begins To Pour”

Thoth makes coffee and edits blogs. Drizzle wets the patio. Jim goes to yoga. Thoth gets in bed to wake LA. “We need to talk about business with Jim today,” he says. LA bikes to Vons for bagels and frozen fruit. “It’s a nice day now, we should go out,” LA says. She makes smoothies and bagels. “Yeah, it never really rains in San Diego,“ Thoth says. They start getting dressed. Jim comes home, and LA starts a conversation about rent and money. Jim tells them about his financial situation and gives them a ballpark figure. “How about $350?” LA counters. Jim agrees. LA and Thoth give him their take from the event on Friday then finish dressing. They bike to Balboa Park. LA gets tired and stops to take of her headdress. “I’m not motivated at all,” LA says. “We lose a lot of energy by biking,” Thoth says. At the park, they go to the back of Casa del Prado. Thoth points across the lawn to the bridge. “There she is. The keyboardist.” They go up front and look around. Chet is playing viola in Mitchell’s spot with a bunch of belly dancers. An amplified guitar duo is playing right in front of the space LA and Thoth like. ”We’d drown them out if we played,” Thoth says. David and Sleeveless are performing in front of the fountain. LA calls Daniel and and he agrees to be a lookout for them. LA and Thoth park their bikes against the wall and sit on their violin cases to wait. Thoth goes to the bathroom and looks in the back again. “Slow today!“ he tells LA when he returns.