6.12.2012 “Two Strangers Help”

Thoth runs, dances, and does aerobics. He gets coffee next door, then studies and researches rental cars. Talks to his mother on the phone. LA gets up at 10, and runs and works out. She calls her mother to ask about a former old bike. Calls her sister to tell her that she and Thoth are going for a walk to look at bicycles. “Meet us at Nancee’s house after work,” LA requests. She and Thoth walk to Rockridge and look at a Giant Cypress ST in Hank & Frank’s Bike Shop. “I didn’t expect a bike would be this expensive,“ Thoth says. They walk home, feeling disappointed. Jamie and Nancee are home when they get back. LA and Thoth look up used bike shops, then Jamie takes them to Walmart. LA and Thoth find two bikes that seem adequate, however they have thick, mountain bike tires. They buy them and make sure what the return policy is. They have a hard time fitting the bikes into the car but two strangers help them out. One takes off the front wheel with a wrench. The other helps push the bikes in. Thoth gives him some money. The man is ecstatic. Jamie drives them home with both of them squished together in the same front seat. They bring the bikes in the house and Jamie goes to a stage play in San Francisco. Michael C shows up unexpectedly. He helps put the wheel back on the bike, then he, LA and Thoth sit on the floor and talk. Michael invites them to sushi. They go together in his truck to Shimizu Restaurant in Piedmont and have a delicious sushi dinner and conversation with each other. Michael drives them home and hugs them goodbye. LA and Thoth put the bikes in the garage and work on the internet. Thoth takes a nap. Nancee returns home. Thoth gets up and studies a little bit. Bibi says: “Riding Elly and then the belly.”