6.2.2013 “A Good Idea”

Thoth goes to Rite Aid for nasal cleanse packages. He gets coffee at Vons and sits in the parking lot drinking. At home he makes a video in the studio. LA wakes.  “I’m sorry I was a poo last night,” Thoth says. “I felt like I was getting sick.” “I’m not sick,” LA says. “But I don’t feel well enough to sing.” Thoth gets in bed and snuggles with her. They get up and do nasal cleanses. LA makes bagels and smoothies. Thoth starts washing clothes. He works on the Website while LA works on her autobiography. Thoth heats up some salmon and rice and makes a sake roll for lunch. LA starts a new drawing and listens to the classical radio. She gets clothes from the dryer. She and Thoth make the bed. Julian comes home. “Do you guys practice?” he asks LA. “We practice publicly,” she says. Later Thoth says, “The Website is looking great.” LA finishes her drawing. Dave R. shows up and says hello. “You should perform at the San Diego Fringe! Go bigger, or go home!” he suggests. “That’s actually a good idea,“ Thoth tells LA later. At night, they bike to have dinner at Jyoti Bihanga but it is closed. They continue down Adams Avenue to Antique Diner. They talk about travel around the world doing Fringe Festivals. Thoth has a ground steak and LA has a hamburger. “I am so full, they each say. “I’m going to throw up riding home.“ At home, LA showers and Thoth starts working on an EPK. LA listens to the Beatles. Bibi says: “It’s tight. Everything’s alright.”