6.3.2013 “Folds Clothes”

Thoth works on the Wiki Website he built for his niece. “Can we go back to New York?,” LA says when she gets up. “I had a lot of dreams about it last night.” “Where are we going to live?” Thoth asks. “I hate going from place to place every week.” He and LA sit outside in the sun and talk about NYC. “Do you want to go to the park and play?” Thoth asks. “I don’t think I can handle the bike ride,” LA says. “I’m so hungry. My stomach feels like it’s pressed against my guts.” Thoth makes smoothies. He unmakes the bed and does laundry. LA gets on her computer and talks to her sister. “I’m feeling better,” LA tells her. LA and Thoth walk to Vons and buy soup for dinner. At home, LA makes a juice while Thoth folds the clothes. They make the bed. LA watches Youtube videos, then heats up the soup and makes a grilled cheese. “I just figured out what I did wrong in my Flash code,” Thoth says. “I missed a label. The EPK is finally starting to look great.” LA chats with Jim. “Mike wrote back,” Thoth says. “He can come down to record with us in April.” LA cheers. Thoth heats up the lobster bisque and adds sauteed shrimp. LA talks to her sister on Skype. Bibi says: “Sweet smelling sheets. I’m going to sleep lie a babe”