6.4.2013 “Comes Back”

Thoth writes then drives to the ranger’s office to wait on line to get a permit. Brad asks him some questions about busking in San Francisco. Thoth writes on the computer. He picks 50 from the hat, immediately gives the cube back to Officer Bajar, and leaves. “That was a waste of time, he says.  LA gets up early. “I feel like everything is going to be alright,“ she says, “now that we have a place to go in NYC.” She makes smoothies, and she and Thoth get dressed. They bike to the park. Sunny day. Les comes over to say hi. The Dynamic Duo performs “Anya.” Afterwards LA says, “This is the first time my voice has felt good in a month.” Big crowds. Stacey shows up with some friends. She gives LA and Thoth some granola and cookies. Dennis comes and brings Janette and a friend, Lena. Lena takes pictures of the entire prayformance. She hugs the Dynamic Duo when they have finished. “That was an amazing prayformance,” LA says. Thoth gives posters to Dennis and Rebecca. “Rest your voice,” Lena says. Dennis tells Thoth that he thinks what they do is very special. LA and Thoth pack up and bike home. They see Andrea’s bag and realize that she has come back but is not there. LA and Thoth go downstairs to eat dinner at Hexagone. LA has scampi and Thoth has sweetbreads. Back home, LA and Thoth work on their computers. Andrea comes back with her friend Carl and everyone talks. After Carl leaves, LA watches 1408 on her computer and Thoth sculpts a bunny while Andrea unpacks and does wash.  Thoth makes up the bed in the living room. Bibi says: “I like it here.”