6.5.2013 “Claustrophobia, Nausea And Panic”

Thoth makes coffee and writes. LA wakes. “I’m coming in to cuddle with you,” Thoth says. “I haven’t cuddled with you in a while.” Jim’s kids, Audrey and Julian, hug LA and Thoth good bye. “We won’t see you guys for 8 months,” LA says almost crying. LA and Thoth spend the morning packing, then bike in the drizzle to Antique Diner for breakfast. LA has a croissant and Thoth, eggs and bacon. At home, Jamie calls and LA gets on Skype to talk with her. Jim comes home for lunch and talks to Jamie for a while. LA’s mother calls to say good bye. LA mentions in passing a memory of having horrible nightmares in a crib in her grandparents house on Hilton Head Island when she was about 7 or 8. LA’s mother gets very upset. “You weren’t 7,” LA’s mother argues. “It doesn’t matter,” LA says. “I need to go, we’re leaving soon.” LA’s mother calls back again, continuing to protest that LA was not in a crib at eight years old. Jim and Thoth pack their things in his car. LA’s mother calls again. “Who told you that?” She interrogates. “Mom, I really need to go,” LA cuts her off. Jim drops LA and Thoth at the airport and hugs them good bye. LA and Thoth weigh their suitcases. Thoth’s bag is a pound too heavy, so he takes out a few things and puts them in LA’s underweight bag. They check in and proceed to the security checkpoint. “This is all a