6.6.2013 “Dancing Around Naked For Change”

Thoth makes coffee and writes while watching tennis from the French Open. “I’m scared and sad and angry,” LA says upon waking. “I’m still so pissed about John.” LA does her makeup and hair. Thoth prepares smoothies, takes a shower, and gets dressed. He puts on makeup while watching tennis up in the loft. They leave for the park. The Boyd Choir is singing in the tunnel when they arrive. “I’m so relieved to see them,” LA tells Thoth. “Isn’t that odd? I used to be so annoyed to see them.” LA and Thoth put their cases against the pillars and sit in the wings to wait. The Afrobats show up at 2 and start a show. “Hopefully they won’t play very long,” LA says. Kishan comes into the tunnel and talks with LA and Thoth. The Boyd Choir packs up and LA and Thoth move their violin cases into the center and begin setting up. John the violist shows up. “Are you setting up?” he asks LA. LA looks up, but doesn’t respond. She goes back to setting up. John tries to talk to Thoth. “When are you guys finished?” John says. “I really didn’t appreciate you insulting me yesterday. That was uncalled for.” “We play here from 3-6 Wednesday through Sunday,” Thoth says. “I didn’t know that.” John says. “Well now you know,” LA says. “You can do what you want, but we start at 3,” Thoth says. “It’s not first come, first serve. There’s a queue.” “You should make a sign that says: ‘Behold, King Thoth.’ John says. “You’re only good at dancing around naked for