7.1.2013 “Sign-up List”

Thoth takes an easy jog then dances on the cliff overlooking the freeway. At home, he writes a client questionnaire for Website design. LA gets up a couple of hours later. “I’ve been really tired these past few days,” she says. She makes bagels and smoothies. She looks up videos about the whistle voice. Thoth edits some blogs and works on their Website. “I want to go practice,” LA says. She walks to the backyard studio but someone is in there doing yoga. At 4, she gets hungry and makes a turkey wrap. She and Thoth get dressed and bike to Lestat’s Coffee House for the Open Mic. A man with a guitar is standing outside. Thoth talks to him, but he only says a word or two in response. “He’s not very friendly,” LA says. “I think he may be disabled,” Thoth says. They lock up their bikes. LA puts her name on the sign-up list, then she and Thoth take seats in the back, waiting to see if their name is called. The MCs try to be funny and won’t stop talking. “I can only take this for so long.” Thoth says. After a few names are called, the MC calls LA and Thoth. “As early as possible,” LA yells back. She and Thoth go outside to tie on their bells. LA puts on her headdress. “He’s horrible!” LA says of the opening performer. The announcer calls LA and Thoth next. People gasp at their outfits. “We’re called Tribal Baroque from New York City,” LA says into the microphone. “And what brings you to San Diego?” the host asks. “We’ve been traveling the world together for the past three years,”