7.12.2012 “Bikes”

Thoth works out then tries out the new bike. He gets coffee and starts working on the Website. Michael calls asking for help on his construction job. “I don’t think I can,” Thoth says. “I need to work on our hacked Website.” At 10, he wakes LA up. “Did you try your bike out?” LA asks. “It’s alright,” Thoth says. She goes out for a run, then she and Thoth do a magnesium sulfate cleanse. LA organizes her clothes during her repeated visits to the toilet while Thoth works on the Website. She takes her bike for a ride. “I don’t like the bike,” LA tells Thoth when she returns. “It’s too small and uncomfortable. The wheels are too bumpy. We either have to spend a bunch of money on new tires and seats or return the bikes and spend lots of money on better ones. What do you think we should do?” “I think we should return the bikes and get good ones,” Thoth says. Nancee comes home. “Could we use your car to return the bikes to Walmart?” LA asks her. “After noon tomorrow,” Nancee says. LA calls her sister and says she’s too stressed to hang out. “We need to get this bike thing figured out.” She leaves a message for Michael asking if he could drive them to Walmart in his truck tomorrow. LA makes a “For Sale” sign and tapes it to the inside of her car’s back window. She goes with Thoth and Nancee to buy salmon and pasta. When they return, Thoth begins cooking. Nancee and LA drive to Trader Joe’s for the rest of the groceries. Thoth cooks dinner. He, LA, and Nancee eat together on the floor of the living room. LA cleans dishes while Thoth and Nancee look at Dan Rubin’s photographs. “I want one framed for Christmas,” Nancee says. Nancee helps to look on the internet for more inexpensive Giant Cypress bikes. She finds a website that is offering a 20 percent sale on 2012 bikes. “You should call them tomorrow,” Nancee suggests. “I still feel jet lag,” Thoth says and tries to stay up until 11. LA works more on her computer. Bibi says: “Over and out.”