7.3.2013 “New York City”

Heavy rain. Thoth writes and works on the EPK. “Should we go out and play?” Thoth asks LA when she wakes. “Thursdays are always icky. And with the weather like this there won’t be anyone there,” LA says. She takes a shower. “I want to live in New York City,” she says. “How are we going to get an apartment?” Thoth asks. “Will we be able to play at the park?” “You’re always so negative about it,” LA complains. “I’ve lived there,” Thoth says. “It is not easy.” LA researches living in New York City. Thoth goes out to get soup, tuna fish, and mayonnaise, and LA has some tuna fish for a late lunch. In the evening, they both lie on the bed together. “Lamby!” LA cries. “I just thought of her so strongly.” Jim comes home and makes dinner for his kids. It begins to rain heavily. LA watches documentaries. After Jim and the kids go to bed, LA and Thoth make dinner. Bibi says: “Hardness requires my softness.”