7.4.2013 “Play Their Last”

Thoth writes and drinks coffee. Andrea leaves to go to work. Thoth sculpts a horse. LA gets up. “When I’m excited about things, I get up earlier,” she says. LA watches some tutorials on hairstyling, then pins her hair back to make it look shorter. She does makeup. Thoth tries out some of the things he learned on the Mario Bros cheat sheet. “Bunny, you need to get ready,” LA says to Thoth. He showers and dresses. They leave for the park at 3. Cloudy and chilly. The Dynamic Duo sets up and begins “Anya.” A lot of people sit down on the hallway floor to watch. “Did you start playing the violin left-handed or right-handed,” a woman asks Thoth. After explaining how he started playing with both hands, Thoth and LA play, “The Plucking Song.” After the “Bolero,” an audience member says, “It’s like Yma Sumac meets Philip Glass meets a whole lot of other stuff.” “Good testimonial!” LA says. She and Thoth pack up and bike home. Andrea has come and gone again, having left a note saying she’ll be back later. Thoth changes clothes. Jim calls. “I have to pick up Audrey at 7:30,” he says. “Pick us up afterwards, LA says. “We still have to pack up and stuff. LA makes an english muffin with jelly, and Thoth eats cheese. They pack the suitcase and take their groceries out of the fridge. “Are we all set?” Thoth says. They play their last Mario Bros round. Jim calls. “We’ll be right down,” LA says. They bring their things downstairs and pack the car. On the way home, Jim stops at Vons and they all buy some things. At home, Thoth makes dinner while LA watches <i>Tommy. They work on computers until 1am. LA showers, Thoth has some yogurt. Bibi says: ”The whole gang in NYC.”